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Why the name "Hippo Adventure Tours"

We felt there was a need to also put one of the less favourite animal into the spotlight.
Most travelers to Africa mainly talk about the Big 5. Yes, for sure Hippos are killer number 2 after the mosquito and definitely make it into the top 10 of the most dangerous animals in Africa, but still they deserve a much better status.
Many of our tours journey through the Caprivi/Chobe and Okavango Delta and we really want to make people more aware of this amazing and fascinating mammal. Hippos are fast on land and in the water, faster than any triathlon athlete, meaning they would outrun and outswim athletes. Hippos are very important for the waterways, rivers and deltas in Africa. (We recommend to view the documentary: Into the Okavango / 1h34min.)
Africa always needed an animal that would be able to keep its waterways open and oxygenate the water by ensuring constant water flow, most of which would be blocked without the Hippo. They also give back to the rivers by defecating into the water, which supplies nutrients that are utilized by fish and plants and therefor secures a very important food source namely fish, which millions of people depend on. This is yet another reason to preserve and protect our Hippo. Apart from that, we at Hippo Adventure Tours are very dedicated to find solutions for cleaner and safe waters for people and wildlife.

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