Climate and weather

The weather in Namibia may vary from one year to the next. The information below is just to give you an idea by some guides and what they have experienced in the last few years. The average rainfall for Windhoek lies between 80 to 360mm per year but in extremely dry years as little as 176mm was measured in Diaz street, Suiderhof/Windhoek. In very good rainfall years, for example 2010/11 as much as 1271mm of rain was measured. 2019 we are experiencing very high temperatures and very little rain with late rainfall in April but at some places a mere 80mm was measured.

Dry Season May to September (Winter, Spring)

Normally into the month of May the rains have slowly subsided and the scenery is beautiful and green. Average temperatures at night from May to August might be as low as -10/-12 degrees in the central and eastern parts of Namibia/Windhoek/Nossob/Kalahari but during the daytime the temperatures still rise up to 16/26 degrees. This usually happens due to cold fronts moving up from Antarctica and they usually only last a few days. In some winters, June to August, we have even experienced snowfall in the south of Namibia between Zaris and Aus. With these cold fronts weather patterns may change dramatically in an instant. 

Wet Season January to March (Summer, Autumn)

During the summer months the temperatures in the northern parts of Namibia often exceed 40 degrees. In December and January the heat has engulfed most of the inland. At the coast the weather stays moderate because of the cold Benguella current in the Atlantic Ocean. Rains may start as early as October but the main rainy season starts from January to March. In the rainy season please be very cautious on the roads and NEVER EVER try to cross a flooded so called “dry riverbed” and NEVER CAMP in a dry riverbed during rainy season. These rivers are ephemeral which means that they only carry water during the rainy season. Even though a riverbed may be dry it could suddenly become a raging river when rain may fall in distant areas, collect in the dry riverbeds and suddenly come down with a force. Please pack a rain jacket and warm clothing for rainy days and time spent at the coast of Namibia where it may become chilly at night.

Why travel in Dry season

During this time game viewing is perfect. Most waterholes and rivers have dried up and wildlife will take advantage of artificial waterholes. Don’t forget that Etosha has both artificial and natural water holes. In May/June after the rains, Namibia offers some of the clearest skies for stargazing. The days are still pleasant and warm enough to enjoy an ice cold beer and a dive into the pool. There are not many insects around at this time of the year and it is also a perfect time for hiking tours.

Why travel in wet season

After good rains in Namibia it is a great time to visit for some truly magnificent wildlife encounters as this is the time when most animals bear their offspring from November to March. There is nothing more amazing than seeing antelope with their young. It is also a good time for photography as the countryside is beautiful and green after the rains with an array of colorful blossoms one would never expect to see in such a dry country. It is also a great time for birders as millions of migratory birds are making their way to Namibia.

Driving in Namibia

Speed limits: Please adhere to the speed limits at all times. General speed limits are 60km/hour in built up and urban areas if not mentioned otherwise. 100km/h on gravel roads . NB: Car rental firms only allow 80km/h. 120km/h on tarred roads. Hippo Adventure Tours allows 0% alcohol whilst driving on all Namibian roads.
Drivers Licence: An international drivers licence will only be required if your licence does not adhere to the following: *must state “Drivers licence” in English *must have a clear photograph of the driver *must be valid for the duration of your stay

Visas and Passports

We at Hippo Adventure Tours do not arrange Visas and it is your own responsibility to make necessary arrangements prior to your journey. Please refer to the following link for visa requirements:  
Please Note: Passports need to be valid for at least 6 -12 months at the start of your holiday. For parents travelling with children under the age of 18, a full unabridged birth certificate is required. If a single parent is travelling with minor children, a letter of consent from the father/mother is required.


We recommend that you consult with your local physician regarding vaccinations e.g. Yellow fever, Malaria etc.


Generally the tap water is safe for human consumption, but we strongly advise to buy bottled water for drinking purposes. Best choice and recommendation is either Oasis or Naukluft water which is bottled locally. Please remember that Namibia is an arid country, driest south of the Sahel Zone/Sahara. Please use water sparingly and wisely at all times.

Public Holidays

01 January New Years Day 
21 March Independence Day Varies (different dates) Good Friday Varies (different dates) Easter Monday 
01 May Workers Day 
04 May Cassinga Day Varies Ascension Day 
25 May Africa Day 
26 August Heroes Day 
10 December International Human Rights Day 25 December Christmas Day 
26 December Boxing Day 
Please Note: If you have any further enquiries, i.e. adaptors, safety, tipping, cash/credit cards or anything else not mentioned above, please feel free to contact the Hippo Adventure Tours office directly.

Hotel/Lodge/Transfers and Car Hire

We can do booking for all the above mentioned. If you are in need of accommodation or a transfer to or from the airport or even if you decide to extend your stay and need a car (not less than 7 days) we are more than willing to give proper advice or do bookings for you.

What to pack

  • Binoculars
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Windbreaker/Fleece Jacket
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Adapter
  • Book
  • If you need assistance please contact the Hippo office.

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